Andrea's Solo Work!


I am ecstatic to announce that my second and solo CD is NOW ready for release! It's called "Dragonflies on Wings".  It encompasses all of the styles and genres of music I love to perform.  I've never been one to want to "pigeonhole" myself so I decided to put together this compilation of tunes along with originals by Dave Fox. He was so kind to grant me the freedom of total self expression, and I couldn't be happier with the finished product!  On the back cover I wrote a little poem I hope you a cousin of Ralph Waldo Emerson, I couldn't pass up the opportunity and, after all, it came to me like a huge storm, so it had to be written. You can purchase the CD on I-Tunes, Amazon, and CD Baby and just about anywhere you buy music.

As a solo artist I get the opportunity to revel in all different kinds of music.  From Swing to Rock to Country to Reggae to really smokey, jazzy Blues and more. I simply love the challenge of learning new material and having new adventures! (Click on the pictures below to see who's doing what & where they're doing it).

I've always had the need and the drive to learn more and more music...different kinds, all kinds, any kind...except Opera :) (I can sing a great Ave Maria though!)  It's been my pleasure and consistent joy to work with and help other musicians gain work. I am fortunate enough to know a nice amount of professional, consummate musicians to be able to form bands for all different kinds of occasions and to be present and attentive learning some one's original works. Therefore, it's empowering to see a project come to fruition; to get to see it fly in the winds, stir around, and then settle into a nice piece of art. So far, with the assistance of above mentioned musicians, I have recorded two CD's and there are plans for more.  You can purchase Stained Glass Canoe's "Dig In" on I-Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, for which I have easy links to below. 


 Singer, Andrea Templon in the studio

A side note about me: At the age of 23 I was hired to perform with the Ron Rudkin Band & Orchestra. I'm still with his band, for almost 30 years now.  It has been a priceless time in my life where I've received the gift of making long time cherished friendships and mentors from whom I've learned vast amounts.

A Note from Ron Rudkin:

Andrea Cope and I started working together in the early 1990’s. I was in need of a lead singer for my commercial band, and after she was recommended to me by a close and trusted friend, she came to my house to audition. I was struck immediately by her vocal talent and especially her versatility- she was able to belt out a high-powered rock song, and then turn around and sing a beautiful jazz ballad with real sensitivity and nuance. She was exactly what we needed and I hired her on the spot. We worked together for the next 20 years or so during which time she was an enthusiastic and positive force in our very busy band.

Andrea has always had both a passion for singing all styles of music, AND working with clients to design just the right kind of approach to the musical needs of different events and situations. She is super easy to work with, and always positive about all aspects of planning for musical performances, including learning new tunes and rehearsing and preparing in a totally professional manner. She has been a joy to know and make great music with for a large part of my professional career, and I treasure our friendship and musical connection.
— Ron Rudkin, NSCA

A Note from Wally West, Wally West Music Resource:

Not only have I had the pleasure of knowing Andrea for many years, she and I have mirrored our careers as hard-working, professional musicians. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Andrea on many musical engagements over these years, with both of us as “sidemen.” And now, I’ve called upon Andrea to provide top-shelf entertainment for a great client of mine, and she has delivered, just the way I knew she would. She gets my unequivocal endorsement as a reliable, conscientious and remarkable musician.
— Wally West Music Resource

Andrea Lauren singing solo at Taste of Stokes Event

Cover of Stokes County Visitors Guide. We were honored to be mentioned inside. Click for Larger View.

We were honored to be mentioned in the Stokes County Visitors Guide. Click for Larger View.