Sketch of Andrea Templon by Barbara Barnes . rendered at a cancer benefit for a dear friend. see more of her work at    Art Images live

Sketch of Andrea Templon by Barbara Barnes.rendered at a cancer benefit for a dear friend. see more of her work at Art Images live

Andrea Lauren Templon has been called “one of the most versatile vocalists in North Carolina”. Andrea’s eclectic musical tastes and adaptability are evidenced by the variety of genres she has performed throughout the years: from country to rock, blues to jazz, beach, top forty, R&B, reggae, funk and more.

If you follow Andrea's Blog, you will find out more about her and both her past and future endeavors! There's a lot more to her than just what listed here. However...

The latest incarnations of her musical career are three unique groups that perform several of her favorite musical genres:

  • Andrea Templon & Friends is a high energy event and concert band that performs danceable Jazz, R&B, blues & pop (perfect for events of all kinds!)

  • “Stained Glass Canoe” is a bohemian roots-rock, blues and Americana fusion group that performs a mix of nostalgic covers and feel good originals (music festivals/concerts anyone?)....we like to call it "AmeriRockinBluesAcana!"

  • Finally, Andrea performs as a solo artist, incorporating elements from all of her groups and genres in recording projects and performances. Her new solo CD is ready for release called “Dragonflies on Wings”. You can purchase it here via PayPal or download songs just about anywhere you buy music.

No matter the group or genre, Andrea’s musical expressions are infused with honesty, soulfulness, love and joy. It is her highest satisfaction and honor to bring happiness and healing into people’s lives through music.

A Note From Andrea:

It is my absolute privilege to work with every client who entrusts me with the musical success of their event. I offer you the ease of professional communication and commitment combined with the finest in musical artistry.  My life has been devoted to my love of music and the development of my art. No matter the occasion, I'm always dedicated and enthralled to help you make your event musically astounding.

I look forward to working with you!