Announcing First CD by Stained Glass Canoe!

It's true that there's a been a brand new CD on the way! But in addition to the CD are videos, coming soon! Can you believe it? Actual vids! Filmed by Melody Watson, produced and directed by me with some creative consulting from moms, dads, kids photographer, and videographer. The CD is a collaborative effort involving the members of Stained Glass Canoe plus one Randy Poindexter, musician extraordinaire. He dons his fiddle on this album, but can play anything with strings!

Members performing on this CD include:

  • Chris Templon - Electric & Acoustic guitars (my husband, creative consult, and love of my life.)
  • Larry Carman - Drummer with an attitude. Brother and long time friend.
  • Roger Kohrs - The Bass man. General Tiny. Need I say more? Great friend, brother, (co-producer of my solo album to be released soon!)
  • ... and myself.  

It's a compilation of some great covers... some very obscure, and we give them our own twist with a debut original by Chris Templon gracing the CD. You can get it right now by following any of these links to: CD Baby, I-Tunes, Amazon. You may also check out any other places where you routinely buy music, and should be able to find it there, too, if you prefer. We hope you enjoy what you hear. It's our first. It's not over-produced. It's just us.

Thank you for your support!