Hat Tips!

Like you, I have a lot of reasons to be grateful and a lot of people to thank. Just a few of them are listed here...  I Tip My Hat to the following people for helping in the ways mentioned below:

Toni Tronu, Photography. In fact, much of the photography on this site is Toni's work! If you're looking for someone to shoot your head-shots or event, I highly recommend her work.

Melody Watson designed this website with me.  Not only is she my web designer, graphic designer and SO much more, she has been a wonderful inspiration and a great counsel throughout this website development process.

Tricia McLean. Started something special with me. She helped me Take Note, take hold, and get things movin' again. When some of my favorite projects had been stalled and stuck for a long time. She has been an integral part of my life for many years and helps me in ALL kinds of ways, but here she collaborates with me in the creative and personal aspects of the website.

Ron Rudkin.  I could mention so many wonderful artists with whom I've worked and work, but he's kind of special. I was very young singer when he gave me the opportunity to work with him, learn from him, and to become a close friend and musical com padre. Performing with Ron helped refine and elevate my work as a musician, especially in the areas of Jazz, Blues, and Big Band. I wouldn't trade that 23 years for anything.

Benjy Johnson.  Engineer extraordinaire at Earthtones Recording Studio in Greensboro, NC.  He mixed and mastered "Dig In", Stained Glass Canoe's 1st cd.  Next, he not only engineered and mixed a very special project, but he went beyond the extra mile and worked in perfect sync with co-producers Roger Kohrs and me on my solo cd, "Dragonflies on Wings".  This is a project especially close to my heart and Benjy's work was exemplary.

Wally West.  He believed in me, introduced me to Ron Rudkin, and here we are. Not only a friend and a wonderful human being, he is a great resource for musicians. Wally has hired me on many occasions, and he is always a joy to work with.

Roger Kohrs.  Originally from Winston Salem, he is master musician who decided to go on the road. One day he landed smack dab in my living room, bass guitar in hand.  From that day forward I had a new brother. Based out of Ohio now, this man took precious time out of his busy schedule to co-produce "Dragonflies on Wings" . He walked with me every step of the way... I can't thank him enough.

Elizabeth Larson Photography.  She's a wonderful person, a good friend and expert photographer who took the very first promo shots of Stained Glass Canoe.  Her wedding photography is phenomenal.